Analysis of the positive impact of international logistics on international trade and countermeasures

The development of international logistics industry

In the 1960s, the formation of high-volume logistics began, the more prominent large-scale logistics tools are 200,000 tons of oil tankers and 100,000 tons of morning ore ship, etc.; to the 1970s, international air transport came out of nowhere, air logistics increased significantly, while a higher level of international multimodal transport appeared. The logistics industry continues to develop and progress, has established a set of basic standardization system, although the logistics industry has been developed among many countries, but international logistics has not yet been recognized by most people.

In the 1980s, due to the economic crisis in the United States in the 1980s, the economy of the United States gradually declined, and at the same time, the economy of Japan gradually developed and matured, and established and perfected a complete international logistics system, at which time the logistics of developed countries also gradually took shape.

From 1990 to now, the international logistics industry was generally accepted by people from all walks of life in the country, and countries around the world began to discover and explore the international logistics industry, and the logistics service industry became more international. Logistics industry as a whole and related lines are more obvious, in modern society the modern international logistics industry is relatively large geographical scope, span a wide range, more to promote the development of the logistics industry.

The development of international trade

International trade refers to the international division of labor and the world market based on the countries of the world in close contact and dependence on the form of economic development and relations, with the development of economic globalization, the form of international trade has also changed, proactive use of the advantages brought about by economic globalization, can better promote the development of global international trade.

From the 15th to the 17th century, mercantilism and trade protectionism emerged and developed. After the end of World War II, the new trade theory was proposed, which is the further development of international trade, but because of its small cross-regional scope, it has not formed a complete system, and still needs to be improved. Nowadays, international trade is developing rapidly and gradually improving, both in the structure of import and export of goods and in the distribution are gradually mature, international trade from a single way to diversified development.

The positive impact of international logistics on international trade

The development of modern international logistics industry has promoted the development and progress of international trade. From the initial countries in the world do not promote, do not accept international logistics, to the world now generally accept the recognition of international logistics industry, to the maturity of the international logistics industry nowadays, modern international logistics has formed a complete system. With the development of the logistics industry in the world, the trade of countries has gradually increased, promoting the development of international trade and great progress.

The progress of the international logistics industry has strengthened the ties between trading countries. The development of the logistics industry in countries around the world has promoted the progress of the trade industry, international trade in short refers to the sale and purchase of goods between countries, is a kind of economic activity, the logistics industry to promote the development of the trade industry at the same time, to a certain extent, so that the countries of the world are more closely linked, the only way to promote and ensure that the trade between the two countries.

Summary and countermeasure analysis

Although, the modern international logistics industry on the impact of international trade has advantages and disadvantages, but I believe that the overall benefits outweigh the disadvantages, after all, international logistics has been widely recognized and accepted by the world, and to a certain extent is indeed driving the development of international trade, international trade development can pull the economic development of countries, is conducive to the coordinated development of the economy, but also conducive to promote the progress of national societies, this This advantage and good development trend we should protect and let him continue to continue.

First of all, because of the international logistics industry, we need more professional talents, not only need professional knowledge, but also need to protect the English level, otherwise it is impossible to be competent in this kind of industry, so the professional counterpart is very important. We should pay more attention to the cultivation of this talent, not only in the student period, even in society, should also continue to study further education, live to learn, to ensure the long-term development of the international logistics industry, so as to promote the development of international trade. Through various forms, improve the knowledge level and overall quality level of international logistics industry practitioners.

Secondly, governments should also increase the help and support for the international logistics industry, and can introduce a series of policies or systems and laws to help and promote the logistics industry. Correct management and guidance is an important step in the development of international logistics, if there is no correct and effective legal system management, then the good industry is not developed, in today’s market economy is the main economic conditions, we can only do so to ensure its better development, so we should develop personal and government support combined to promote the development of logistics industry in all aspects.

Finally, the international logistics industry means a worldwide logistics system, so we need to strengthen ties with countries around the world and establish a sound and complete international logistics and international trade system. Foreign trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries in the world, from the world or international perspective is the international trade. Economic globalization gives us the biggest inspiration is to strengthen international cooperation, the development of international logistics industry also needs to strengthen international cooperation and contact, close contact and good international relations is the development of international logistics guarantee, but also the development of international trade is one of the key conditions.