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For less busy areas, consider one of the top engineered wood or bamboo floors, for their natural veneer and easy installation. You should also consider how much foot traffic, sunlight, and wear and tear your flooring will endure. Get the look of luxurious hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost. Today’s laminate planks have a striking realistic appearance of natural wood grain in a more durable material that is resistant to scratches, moisture, and everyday wear and tear. Laminate allows you to achieve the hardwood flooring appearance in rooms where natural wood cannot go, such as bathrooms and basements. Similar to natural hardwood, laminate flooring comes in a selection of colors, replicated wood species, surface texture, and plank width.

It’s a bit more work but I would look for a local contractor with lots of experience installing Quick-Step laminate, they will be the best source of advice. Permalink I’ve have 1300′ of Pergo flooring for 17 years now and it still looks great. The trick to cleaning is to use only amonnia and hot water and then wring your mop well before each swipe. I can’t speak for any of the other online flooring sites but I was VERY impressed with BestLaminate. They hold the customers hand every step of the way, from ordering to readying them for delivery. Permalink We put in Pergo about 18 years ago, when laminates were just hitting the market. It is still in great shape, despite many spills, dogs, and children (now grown.) My only complaint is that way back then you could get laminates in colors. Yes, I have a blue laminate floor in my kitchen, and it has gotten compliments for years. Permalink I am looking at the pro’s and con’s of Costco brand Haronics flooring.

Whatever the project, there are a few important considerations to tackle first. Messy pets are easy to clean up after without leaving behind problematic stains. Another factor that affects the orientation of the panels is the layout of the room. Some rooms, mostly in modern buildings are easier to laminate than others. Depending on the room layout, you can choose a direction that suits you the most. If you’re treating a high-traffic zone, apply a second coat after the first dries.

The Bruce Fresh Finish is formulated for urethane-finished hardwood floors or laminate. It’s best for reviving dull floors, not treating new ones. Scott’s floor polish is made for hardwood floors but might be compatible with a laminate that has a polyurethane finish. The company recommends it for protecting laminate, hardwood, cork, and bamboo floors. It seals joints to guard against moisture and fills in scratches and scuffs. Furthermore, the coating contains 24.5% solids to make it exceptionally durable. You can view our search results for the best polish for laminate floors in the reviews below. Now let’s get started on how to make your laminate floor look its best. You might be asking yourself, “How do I get my laminate floors to shine? Lastly, when you start learning about your options you might want to do some research on your own.

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It doesn’t fade like stone and hardwood does when exposed to direct sunlight so it’s also a good option for your sunroom. Laminate planks are easy to clean and maintain since the first few top layers don’t contain any natural material. The top protective layer is also designed to resist dirt and stains so you rarely need more than a damp mop or cloth to clean. The shorter planks are easier to transport, store and handle during installation. This simple size difference has a significant impact on large projects in terms of time, money and effort. The next logical question to ask is why to buy laminate flooring over other options.

Laminate floor tiles are ideal if you prefer the aesthetic of stone or ceramic tile in your home. You can also choose between a matte or glossy finish, depending on your desired look. Shop around to find the right laminate flooring composition, thickness, and design. Laminate flooring is a hybrid floor, which means it consists of several materials in one. These floors are made of a particleboard wood base that’s topped with an “image layer” and a protective coat to keep it protected. This flooring can be installed in any room of your home, which makes it easy to create a seamless look.

It’s easier to cut as well and it makes a good material for those who want to do the work themselves. Their standard offerings come in at a pretty fair, even low, price point but it scales with the uniqueness of the design and the quality of the board. Pretty much anyone, on any budget, should take a look at their offerings in order to see if they have something they like. Quick Step is perfect for those who want to make sure they’re on top of the latest trends. While some other manufacturers may offer slightly better quality boards at the end of the day, Quick Step is ahead of them when it comes to technology. Direct pressure laminate surfaces are virtually immune to spills, scuffs, stains, and fading.

Also, keep in mind that luxury vinyl flooring is a relatively recent industry innovation, while laminate flooring has been around for decades. The biggest difference between the two products is their reaction to moisture. Laminate flooring is extremely susceptible to humidity and water damage, while LVT is 100% waterproof. In recent studies, many laminate floors have been found to produce formaldehyde emissions, which is a hazardous carcinogen. Breathing in formaldehyde on a daily basis can be potentially very dangerous and should be a concern for families with small children. In contrast, vinyl flooring has very little impact on indoor air quality within the home. This leading carpet manufacturer crossed over to hard-surface flooring through acquisitions and partnerships and now offers wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring. Mohawk sells stone flooring under the American Olean brand and laminate flooring under the Quick-Step brand. Its Daltile brand accounts for half of all ceramic tile sales.

When you’re shopping for new floors, consider your budget, functionality, and design preferences. Vinyl floors start at around $1 per square foot for simple glue-down sheet vinyl. Prices can reach up to $5 per square foot for luxury vinyl planks. You get more for your money, however, as high-end luxury vinyl comes with features like a special waterproof core and a thicker wear layer. It’s okay to use a wet mop on these floors; you can scrub them with safe cleaning products for stubborn messes. Vinyl allows for a variety of cleaning methods, and it does not need much care besides cleaning. The major difference between laminate and vinyl flooring is water resistance, with vinyl as the big winner here. Most modern vinyl floors are made of 100% polymer materials, which means they can withstand heavy amounts of water.

While Mohawk has a greater variety, Pergo has a select amount of unique entries. These combine to deliver some truly excellent options for laminate flooring. If you’re looking for as much choice as possible, check out Mohawk’s 150+ styles. Thanks to this quality, you can safely mop your laminate flooring worry-free. That means accidental spills can be cleaned up without cause for concern. Pergo’s water-resistant laminate is called WetProtect, as where Mohawk’s is RevWood Plus.