Suitable for shapura single stage trimming tool)

Being quality-driven firm, we are occupied with introducing an elegant scope of Oregon Rim Sprocket. We guarantee our client base the brief conveyance of these items at sensible costs. Sprocket Set (3/8″ Rim Sprocket + Left Hand Bolt + Washer) Oregon Rim Sprocket is an alterable part which is fitted to Shapura Chain Saw upon Breakdown. It is a significant piece of trimming tool which drives saw chain reasonable for : 21 Inches guide bar (Suitable for single stage trimming tool) 18 Inches Guide bar (Suitable for shapura single stage trimming tool)

“Greentec Trading” was set up in 2015. The organization is a Partnership based element, arranged at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our firm is working in wholesaling and Importing of best quality item according to the exact requests of customer base. The items ranges are Petrol Chainsaw, Chainsaw Chain, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw Parts and some more. The offered scope of items is profoundly liked by customers in the market due to the quality and evaluating. Our Importing Percentage is 80%.

  1. Material: C45 steel/Stainless Steel 304 and 316/Cast steel/Cast Iron.
  2. Sprocket models: Contains unique sprocket as per client’s drawings, standard sprocket (American/European/Asian norm).
  3. Sprocket can be handled with pilot bore, completed bore, tighten bore and extraordinary bore.
  4. Splendid surface and high accuracy
  5. Progressed heat treatment and surface treatment create
  6. Best quality and cost.
  7. Application: Products are mostly utilized in Industrial transmission Parts, Agriculcutal hardware, Gear box, food handling Machinery and other mechanical gear.

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job one
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Job two
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The third job
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Job four
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